Lounge for official persons and delegations
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Lounge for official persons and delegations

Passenger and baggage handling for the international and internal is carried out according to the Russian Federation regulation in the VIP lounge.

The list and categories of passengers who are served in the VIP lounge at the international airport Khanty-Mansiysk  during international flights are approved by Order of Mintrans of Russia No. 144 01.12.2005.

Security restrictions of Boarder Guard and customs services are applied by responsible officials of the Passport Control and Customs offices while passenger handling for international flights in the VIP lounge. If this occurs passenger handling for domestic flights is not carried out.

If there are no passengers of the international flights in VIP lounge, passenger handling for domestic flights will be carried out there and VIP lounge will be available for VIP passengers.  Also VIP lounge can be used as airport lounge for other passenger categories.

Passenger service is paid according to schedule rate. Passengers of international and domestic flights, who have free service, are:

The passengers are offered in the VIP lounge:

Make an application for  the service in VIP lounge by phone number: 7 (3467) 354-257, fax: 7 (3467) 354-256.

JSC Yuraavia Reception: phone number: 7 (3467) 354-216, fax: 7 (3467) 354-138.

Information about the price of services can be obtained in the section Price list.