Информация для малоподвижных групп населения

Information for mobility impaired people

Passengers, whose ability to move by air transport is limited or whose health status requires a special care when servicing (passengers with reduced mobility) are referred to the category of  mobility impaired people.

Preparing for flight

If you or your relatives plan travelling by plane and refer to this category of passengers, you may report this information when booking or buying an air ticket, specifying the kind of special assistance required at the airport and during the flight.  You should advise an air company or a ticket agent of the necessity of these services when buying an air ticket.

In accordance with Article 25 of Federal Aviation Regulations “Common rules for Air Transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and maintenance requirement of passengers, exporters and cargo receivers” № 82 of 28.06.2007 (FAR №82) a passenger should coordinate  the transportation of the following categories of people with an air carrier (an air company):

Please contact your airline for more information.

Before departure

If you do not notify an air company of special requirements including baggage delivery from a vehicle to a check-in desk you can always contact us and advise of them in the airport by the telephones: +7 (3467) 354-260, 354-304.

Before you leave home for the airport verify all necessary documents needed for your travelling.

At the airport

At the Airport landside:

If  you need assistance to be accompanied from the parking space we recommend you to report about it in advance by telephones: +7 (3467) 354-260, 354-304.

In the Terminal

Upon arrival to the airport terminal we recommend you to proceed to the "Hall for passengers of certain category" (further – the Hall) located on the first floor (terminal layout). The service in the hall is organized and provided by specially prepared personnel of Transport management service.

In this hall you will be provided with the assistance and the following free services:

Accompaniment by medical staff when meeting upon arrival (or departure) on passenger’s request:

The servicing of mobility impaired VIP:

In the terminal:

If you prefer you can pass the registration and complete preflight formalities by yourself and then proceed for boarding.

Specifics of baggage handling:

Transportation and boarding of passengers

Transportation  of mobility impaired passengers is provided:

Mobility impaired passengers are boarded:

Seats onboard an aircraft are taken by mobility impaired passengers as a matter of priority.

Arrival at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport

Servicing of transfer and transit passengers

On arrival at Khanty-Mansiysk airport you will be supported to disembark from an aircraft. If it is needed you will be accompanied to the "Hall for passengers of certain category".


To ask questions regarding the service including special assistance at Khanty-Mansiysk airport please contact our specialists of transportation management service: +7 (3467) 354-260, 354-304

Enjoy your flight!